“It is my strong believe that leadership goes beyond roles, or a career titles. Leadership is a mindset and a skill that can be nurtured & developed. To truly lead a team and drive business success, one must first master the art of self-leadership.

I also believe in the power of cohesive teams. High performing individuals do not always make high performing teams. This is where I step in to assist you and your team in elevating performance and fostering engagement. 

My own ‘journey’ consists of continuous education, years of professional experience in leadership roles, and dedicated personal development. 

Using coaching as my primary methodology, I specialize in empowering company executives, teams, and individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. It would be my pleasure to support you and your team on the path to success”.

Companies spend billions on leadership and team development trainings, yet most teams still struggle with communication breakdowns, trust issues, and role ambiguity

Business leaders estimate their teams lose an average of 7.47 hours per week due to poor communication.
These challenges lead to decreased performance, missed deadlines, and burnout.  

What is the real cost?

Lost opportunities, disengaged employees, heated arguments, conflict, misalignment, disrupted team dynamics, exhaustion, reduced quality of work, misunderstandings, unclear priorities, reduced collaboration… The list is endless.

The Numbers are talking

Globally, only 23% of employees are engaged and thriving at work, and this is the highest percentage since 2009!

59% of employees are quiet quitting (not engaged) and 18% are actively disengaged, harming their organization.

Middle managers are the most disengaged layer of a company. 75% of employees leave because of them, and the ones who stay cost the business an extra 34% in lost productivity and reputation.

60-80% of all problems in a company are due to clashes of values, personalities, and failures.

 It is clear that organizations need different approaches in learning and development. Leaders need to learn how to lead in a way that makes employees feel understood and engaged instead of draining each other and suffocating the business.

We collaborate with forward-thinking organizations, managers, and team leaders who want to elevate their teams to peak performance, and we address these challenges on two levels:

Individual Level: Most people use 10% of their personality, and the other 90% is waiting to be unlocked. (1-2-1 programs)

Group/Team Level: High-performing individuals do not necessarily create high-performing teams. Companies want to create teams by combining different skill sets in people. 79% of their potential gets lost due to interaction gaps… that is not great for business.

We have proven solutions to dramatically improve both levels by expanding teams’ comfort zones and enhancing their behavioral flexibility. Our work is based on 5 pillars:


1. ASSESS: We use the latest solutions to assess and diagnose your leaders’ and teams’ pain points.

2. VISUALIZE: Awareness comes before change. We create awareness by visualizing the impact of these challenges on team dynamics and leaders’ results.

3. CO-CREATE: We co-create the goals and tailor solutions that work for your leaders and their specific needs.

4. GROW: On a regular basis, we collaborate for 3-12 months (upon agreement) to achieve sustainable results.

5. MEAURING PROGRESS & ROI: We measure progress, so you know the impact and the return of your Investment.

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  • I have had the opportunity to go through 6-months coaching journey with Vaso and I have to say that she has helped me a lot gain perspective and focus on my leadership career. She is an amazing coach that promotes the advantages of listening, owning responsibility of performed actions and always focusing on the big picture, aspects that sometimes are missed when dealing with day-to-day struggles in this role. I strongly recommend her as a coach and I believe that an experience like this helps contour the way forward especially because she focuses on practical frameworks that help leaders in taking action differently with perspective and the desired result in mind. It has been an honor and I have learned a lot crossing paths with Vaso.
    Roxana Popescu
    Magna International
  • Vaso is real specialist in her area of expertise. It has been a pleasure working with her and following her coaching guidance. Through the sessions that we had I got a better understanding of my professional values, strong and challenging points. Together we created a toolkit of support techniques and mechanisms that I can use even after our coaching journey was over. Thanks a lot Vaso!
    Yulia Korobova
  • Vaso coached me over a 3 month duration via online coaching platform, Coach Hub. I really enjoyed working with Vaso and felt that we quickly slotted into an effective way of working through the various challenges I was experiencing in my first year as a Team Lead. She really took the time to understand what I needed and guided me through my coaching goals with clear experience and structure. I would highly recommend Vaso to others looking to work on themselves!
  • I have worked with Vaso for 8 months and I will dare to say that our cooperation was incredible. What made our partnership great was both the consistency and the professionalism she showed. Through our coaching sessions I managed to achieve coherence and professionalism in my approach with my partners and with my team in my business activities. At the same time, I have increased the levels of productivity and I have completed with success all the projects we started. I learned how to set my priorities in a more productive way and how to enjoy the results of my work with coherence and planning. I managed to have more quality time not only for my professional work but also for my personal life with my family. Coaching for me has been very effective and I strongly suggest to anyone who would like to bring change to their life or business to commit to it with a professional coach like Vaso.
    Savvas Kentis
  • At first, I had my concerns if working with a coach would meet my expectations. However when I made the decision to approach Vaso I felt I was in a safe environment that I could trust and work. My collaboration with Vaso was amazing! I would do it again without any hesitation! Through our sessions I have learned to set priorities for my business and for my life. I have learned to recognize my own boundaries, the boundaries of others, to go beyond my comfort zone with more courage and strength and to constantly evolve. My stress has been reduced to levels that I have now realized is a matter of seconds to manage the emotions that cause it and to feel calm and balanced. I have increased my levels of self-esteem and self-confidence and can make more correct decisions with a clear mind both for my personal life and for my business. Coaching now, is a very powerful tool that I will return when I need it. It completely changed my way of thinking, helped me live a more quality life and grow my business.
    Koulla Papadopoulou
  • My collaboration with Vaso came at the right time. She is a great individual and a professional I admire. Vaso supported me through mentoring, teaching, and coaching to become a better person and at the same time work with efficiency and positivity.
    Minas Kampasi
    Technical Division Manager, PPD
  • I had the pleasure to collaborate with Vaso for 2 consecutive years. She is a person who always shows professionalism and dedication to her work. Vaso is a person with morals and values, she was always calm with the intention to achieve the best possible result from every situation. Even in a demanding environment with strict schedules, she found the time to help and contribute in achieving the company's goals by combining team spirit, a smile and positivity.
    Marilena Polikarpou
    Marketing Manager
  • Working with Vaso, made me realized the importance of efficiency in the business world and I managed to apply it to the way I work. She supported me in working in a professional manner and advancing in my career. Vaso is a courteous professional. She is a person with a vision and can inspire people to self-improve.
    Marios Michael
    Sales & Marketing Manager, Alokozay
  • Working with Vaso taught me how to take responsibilities in life and work on my self-improvement and self-esteem. The cooperation, understanding, support, respect, and the care Vaso showed, made me want to work with her even more. All the above was the key make me want to set my goals! Within just 3 months of working together I managed to move on to my next career step – a promotion from store manager to area manager - something that I wanted to achieve for long time. Not only I managed to move forward professionally, but at the same time I have more time for myself and with my family.
    Elena Englezou
    Area Sales Manager, INGLOT Cosmetics
  • Vaso shows exceptional dedication and focus while creating security and trust in those who are around her. She is always full of energy, while at the same time she remains vulnerable and compassionate in what she does and the way she thinks. I am convinced that such unique features will help support many people who may come her way. She always has the purest and best intentions for others! Success has many different paths and in the coming years and Vaso will discover many of them while on her journey of supporting others!
    Nikitas Aspiotis
    General Manager, Photos Photiades Distributors

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