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Vaso Vardaki

Vaso Vardaki is a coach, mentor, author, and trainer. For nearly two decades, she has been supporting individuals and teams to develop and achieve their goals successfully through various roles.

She has extensive experience in corporate environments, both in leadership roles and collaborations with major brands and multinational retail companies. She has worked with companies such as Unilever, Mondelez, Findus, DODONI, Carlsberg, Campari Group, DIAGEO, 3M, and many other well-known brands and organizations.

As a leadership & team coach, she collaborates with companies by designing and implementing data-driven team development programs and executive coaching programs to maximize performance & engagement. Additionally, she empowers individuals through coaching and mentoring, to develop their personal or professional paths and achieve their individual and team goals. 


Topics of Specialization

 Finally, Vaso is the author of the Greek personal development book ‘Truth or Dare’, and since 2022, she has been a faculty member at MML Education for the Global Coaching Certification Program, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 
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Vaso Vardaki is an accredited professional coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a Senior Practitioner by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)

She is also a certified trainer in the ‘Success Principles’ methodology by the renowned coach and mentor Jack Canfield, and certified trainer by the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) in Cyprus.

Additionally, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech Therapy (BSc) and two postgraduate master degrees, one in the science of Human Communication (MSc) and one MBA in Business Administration.

Vision & Mission

Her vision is to contribute to the cultivation of organizational cultures where people can work with inspiration, joy, and trust, while also bringing out their best selves.

Her mission, through coaching, is to support as many leaders as possible & teams changing not only their lives but also the organizations they represent.

She believes that leadership is not just a job description or corporate role, but a way of living and mindset. “We all have the potential to be and operate as leaders, regardless of our position or role, and regardless of the work they do”

Leadership is a skill that can be nurtured and a muscle that can be trained under the right conditions.

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