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All the things that you haven’t achieved yet in your life and your business lie in the discomfort of the tasks you don’t feel like doing or acting upon. 

Whatever brought you to this point will not take you where you want to be. Discomfort is something most leaders avoid, yet it is the key to your success. 

Handling those difficult conversations, taking challenging steps, giving constructive feedback, and learning to let go of the need to control are all part of embracing discomfort. Doing so will pave the way for extraordinary success for you and your team members.

This inspiring and eye-opening speech will provide you and your team with a new perspective on discomfort and teach you how to embrace difficult and challenging situations to advance your career and elevate your organization.

High-performing team members do not necessarily make high-performing teams. While individual excellence is valuable, it does not always translate into effective collaboration, communication, and synergy within a group dynamic. 

Although each individual brings unique skills and perspectives to the table, true high-performing teams require more than just the sum of individual achievements. Factors such as trust, shared goals, clarity, and complementary skills are essential for success.

Additionally, interpersonal dynamics, conflicting priorities, and lack of alignment can hinder team performance, even with talented individuals. 

In this keynote, we will dive into the pillars necessary to create a high-performing team based on my High Performing Teams Built on Trust model that I use with the teams I collaborate for growth and success. 

Change rarely happens overnight. Growth and success don’t come overnight. Every single change in our lives and businesses occurs because of incremental 1% changes, one step at a time. 

Yes, sometimes, massive action is needed to build on this 1%, while other times, consistency and simplicity is the key. 

The 1% Growth Habit is a strategy you cannot fail. It is a strategy that brings sustainable results and fosters resilience and integrity in your organization. 

In the fast-paced world we live, we often overlook the value of small, sustainable steps and instead prioritize speed and magnitude. However, what if I told you that speed and size come when you slow down and maintain consistency? In the ongoing game of business, the winner is not the fastest but the one who can adapt to change and remain consistent.

True transformation begins with introspection. In both business and life, self-awareness and self-leadership form the cornerstone of effective leadership. Rather than seeking external solutions, we must turn inward to unlock our true potential.

Effective communication starts with active listening, understanding, and empathizing with others. Negotiating successful outcomes requires a deep understanding of the perspectives and needs of all parties involved. Clear goal setting begins with cultivating clarity and alignment within ourselves.

It’s tempting to focus on changing the world around us, but true change begins within. By leading by example and embracing self-improvement, we can inspire others to embark on their own journeys of personal growth and transformation.

In this speech, we will explore the power of radical self-awareness and how it serves as the channel for meaningful change. By embracing the mirror and confronting our truths, we can clear the path for a brighter future both personally and professionally.


"Vaso Vardaki caught my attention from the first time I heard her speak. She is an amazing public speaker. She captures the attention and allures her audience with her witty, authentic and energetic presence. Her aura and tone of voice send a clear signal that she has something of importance to share with you. Something that is of high interest to you, that you wouldn’t want to miss. I have observed Vaso present in a variety of occasions and in every case you get the feeling that she knows and understands her audience well. Her themes are well prepared and strategically engaging, delivering concise and valuable messages."
"Vaso Vardaki is a sound, solid and special keynote speaker. Her experience stems from many fields (coaching, mentoring, workshops, facilitation sessions, etc) and this enables her to create and structure keynotes that will not only appeal to and touch her audience but also help it to formulate be necessary next steps. The fact that she is empathic helps her connect with an audience of few or many in a unique and unprecedented way."
"Vaso Vardaki is an incredibly encouraging and experienced public speaking coach. She combines humor, imagination, and passion during her speech. She connects some of the most random dots in a way that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat until a burst of laughter rolls through the crowd. She is inspiring, energetic, and professional! I would highly recommend Vaso Vardaki to aspiring and professional speakers, and I look forward to enjoying her again in the future."
"Vaso is an amazing coach that promotes the advantages of listening, owning responsibility of performed actions and always focusing on the big picture, aspects that sometimes are missed when dealing with day-to-day struggles in this role."
"Vaso is real specialist in her area of expertise. It has been a pleasure working with her and following her coaching guidance."
"She really took the time to understand what I needed and guided me through my coaching goals with clear experience and structure"
"Vaso is an engaging and captivating speaker. She puts her points across in a clear and structured manner. She is an effective public speaker, as she transmits her message lucidly and succinctly. Her approach is solutions-oriented and human-centric. Her personal style of delivering speeches is well-tempered and convivial."
Alexia Solomou
Advocate & Founder - A.Solomou LLC